About us

Newquay Education Trust (NET) and Peninsula Learning Trust (PLT) will officially merge into one Trust on the 1st September 2019. This new Trust will be called Cornwall Education Learning Trust (CELT).

It will initially comprise of four secondary schools, one junior school, seven primary schools and one Free School to open in 2020.
Our existing CEO’s will be standing down as of 31/8/19, one will be retiring and the other returning to his substantive role as Executive Headteacher.

We have been planning this new Trust for some time and received approval for its formation from the RSC’s Office in June 2018.
During the journey, we have established a very successful School Improvement Board which oversees the educational monitoring of all our schools to ensure they continue to improve in a rapid and sustainable fashion.
Our Secondary schools have developed their own bespoke school improvement strategies which have been in place since June 2018. Our primary schools are part of Kernow Teaching School Alliance, (KTSA) with whom they collaborate on school improvement. CELT will be a KTSA Board member.

NET and PLT are financially robust and have a proven track record of sound financial management.
The CELT Board of Directors have been working as a Shadow Board and are fully committed to overseeing the successful transition from two Trusts to one and the appointment of a CEO to lead the next stage of this exciting journey.

We aim to provide an education for our learners that enables them to:
  • Achieve highly. Contribute fully. Decide wisely.
  • We guide young people to become the best version of themselves, so they contribute to making society well
  • We nurture our young people to develop the confidence and curiosity that will encourage them to question and challenge the world around them
  • We strive to stimulate intellect, open-mindedness and creativity so our students enjoy learning and progress exceptionally
  • We foster empathy, tolerance and respect for others in our language used and actions seen
  • We promote participation, commitment, leadership and resilience so they are prepared for a world outside of our doors
  • We offer a warm, safe and happy environment for our young people to thrive and grow