Our Family of Academies

“Learning together to help every child achieve more.”

Our family of academies work across organisational boundaries to promote a collective sharing of knowledge, skills, expertise and experience. This creates much richer and more sustainable opportunities for rigorous transformation than can be provided by any academy alone. 

Brannel School

Headteacher: Chris Liles

Age Range: 11-16

Website: www.brannel.com

Email: enquiries@brannel.com

Telephone: 01726 822485

Carclaze CP School

Headteacher: Simon Disney-Pollard

Age Range: 4-11

Website: www.carclazesch.org

Email: secretary@carclazesch.org

Telephone: 01726 74194

Fowey Primary School

Headteacher: Kate Sicolo

Age Range: 4-11

Website: www.fowey-ji.cornwall.sch.uk

Email: admin@foweysch.org

Telephone: 01726 832542

Lostwithiel Primary School

Headteacher: Natalie Simmonds

Age Range: 4-11

Website: www.lostwithiel.cornwall.sch.uk

Email: admin@lostwithielsch.org

Telephone: 01208 872339

Luxulyan School

Executive Headteacher: Stewart Gynn
Head of School: Suzanne Le-Doux-Lucas

Age Range: 4-11

Website: luxulyan.eschools.co.uk

Email: secretary@luxulyansch.org

Telephone: 01726 850397

Mevagissey Primary School

Executive Headteacher: Stewart Gynn

Age Range: 4-11

Website: www.mevagisseyschool.co.uk

Email: secretary@mevagisseysch.org

Telephone: 01726 850397

Mount Charles School

Headteacher: Claire Bunting

Age Range: 4-11

Website: www.mount-charlessch.org

Email: enquiries@mount-charlessch.org

Telephone: 01726 73911

Newquay Junior Academy

Executive Headteacher: Craig Hayes

Age Range: 7-11

Website: newquayjunior.net

Email: secretary@newquayjunior.net

Telephone: 01637 874543

Newquay Tretherras School

Executive Headteacher: Samantha Fairbairn

Age Range: 11-18

Website: tretherras.net

Email: enquiries@tretherras.net

Telephone: 01637 872080

Penrice Academy

Executive Headteacher: Richard Baker
Head of School: Lucy Gambier

Age Range: 11-16

Website: www.penriceacademy.org

Email: enquiries@penrice.org.uk

Telephone: 01726 72163

Poltair School

Executive Headteacher: Richard Baker
Head of School: Mark Everett

Age Range: 11-16

Website: www.poltairschool.co.uk

Email: Secretary@poltair.cornwall.sch.uk

Telephone: 01726 874529

St Mewan CP School

Headteacher: Elaine Badger

Age Range: 4-11

Website: www.st-mewan.cornwall.sch.uk

Email: secretary@st-mewansch.org

Telephone: 01726 74887