Getting the right people in the right seats on the bus’

  • We are identifying skills (and skills gaps) across our trust and our family of academies through a trust-wide skills audit.
  • We are building staffing structures at multi-academy trust level as well as individual academy level.
  • We are growing and develop our next middle and senior leaders by deploying them across a group of academies, with the expectation of movement between academies within the trust.
  • We are creating a culture, systems and processes that promote ongoing development and progression of both individuals and the organisation.
  • We are establishing a programme for continuous professional development involving staff across the trust.

Accountability framework

  • The vision and set of values which holds us to account.
  • Our model for school improvement which is both systematic and consistent across our trust.
  • A curriculum which is fit for purpose both academically and financially.
  • A Scheme of Delegation which enables responsibility to sit with those who are accountable.

Driving future thinking

Our CELT Strategic Improvement Plan is designed to drive the development of our organisation over the next five years. It represents the core of our drive to raise standards across our family of academies.

CELT Strategic Improvement Plan

CELT was formed in 2019 from the merger of two existing and successful local multi-academy trusts – the Newquay Education Trust (NET) and Peninsula Learning Trust (PLT). The process has involved transferring assets, undertakings and liabilities and merging policies, procedures and staffing structures. A Strategic Improvement Plan is currently being developed as we continue to define the culture and direction of travel for our new organisation.