‘Doing the right thing’ and ‘doing things right’

Our aim is for our trust to be a learning organisation in the truest sense.

This is why our trust leaders are system leaders. They employ creativity and innovation to make positive changes. They seek to challenge and push boundaries. They focus on choice and vision – ‘doing the right thing’.

At the same time, once a choice is made it is essential that ‘things are done right’ – that is, the choice is executed well, and that others are engaged in delivery. Our operational managers are concerned with organising stable systems, ensuring quality, and identifying and implementing best practice.

Our trust leaders and operational managers work together to deliver our vision for change that will take us to a new level of effectiveness. Our improvement goals are summarised in our CELT Strategic Improvement Plan.

CELT Leadership Team

Executive Team

Lisa Mannall – Trust Lead

Clare Ridehalgh – Deputy Trust Lead (Operations)

Academy Headteachers
Core Services Team

There are a host of definitions of management and leadership. Two of the simplest definitions are offered by management guru Peter Drucker. Leadership: from an ancient Greek word meaning pathmaker. Management: from an ancient Greek word meaning pathfollower. Drucker also speaks about managers doing things right, and leaders doing the right thing.