We are a values-driven organisation

A truly values-driven organisation does more than just talk about values. Our leaders lead by example and create a culture where every team member is inspired to live those values day-to-day.  Our values guide our conduct, activities and goals and are fundamental to the way in which we operate across our family of academies.

Our values

Collaboration moves beyond the power of one to the power of team.

Empowerment flips the traditional hierarchy of an organisation on its head. It is about sharing information, rewards, and power so that everyone can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve performance.

Leadership is about vision, having a clear idea of where we need to go, how to get there and what success looks like.

Transformation is about embracing creative disruption in order to deliver a vision for change that takes us to a new level of effectiveness.

We want our leaders, teachers, staff, parents and pupils to feel good about who they work for and why they are here. It is about having a shared purpose. It is about asking the question, “Why do we get up every morning and come to work?” and having everyone feel connected to the answer.