Welcome to the Cornwall Education Learning Trust

Our CELT trust mission is: Learning together to help every child achieve more.

At CELT we believe there is no limit to what every child can achieve, and that every child deserves the chance to fulfil their potential. We are committed to ensuring that each child, in each of our academies, in each of the communities we serve is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

Our approach is simple. Pupil learning is at the centre of everything we do, and we are focused above all on making teaching in our academies as good as it can be. How do we do this? The key word in our mission statement is “together”. Our approach is less about hierarchy and more about partnership: we support our family of academies, building on collective strengths, resources and the very best innovative practice so that, together, we achieve rapid educational transformation.

Education needs to be about waking children up to the creativity that’s inside them; about creating a thirst for knowledge and learning. It has long been recognised that there is a pressing need to change educational paradigms. The world is changing. With the advance of the digital age, cultures are crossing over, boundaries are blurring, and ideas are interconnecting more than ever before. Sir Ken Robinson explains this more succinctly than I can:

As CELT Trust Lead, I am committed to working with colleagues across our trust to create a vision, a strategic direction and a pedagogical model for education in the 21st century which will enable every child in our family of academies to flourish – regardless of their background or starting point.

Lisa Mannall, CELT Trust Lead

Trust Lead Pen Portrait

Before her appointment as CELT Trust Lead, Lisa Mannall was Regional Schools Commissioner for the South-West from 2017 to 2019.

Lisa brings a wealth of experience to the trust. Prior to the DfE position she was Executive Headteacher of Newquay’s Trenance Learning Academy, and then Chief Executive Officer of Cornwall’s The Learning Academy Trust. She is a National Leader of Education and was an elected member of the South West Headteacher Board from 2014 to 2017.

‘Fixing the education system’ will be a never-ending process as our needs constantly change. But two factors remain constant: passionate, high quality teaching increases the learning potential of pupils; and raising the attainment and aspirations of every child improves their life choices and, consequently, their life chances.